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Treasure for Ty

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by: Katrina L. Ball
illustrated by: Meghan Almeida
27 PAGES, picture book

When it's raining outside, having to stay inside the house all day can be very boring. Ty finds himself staring at the raindrops hitting the window and wondering what to do. Everything changes, though, when Ty's mom asks, "Would you like to go on a treasure hunt?” The day went from boring to exciting! 
With his first clue in-hand and the promise of a treasure at the end, Ty runs from room to room searching for clues. He finds himself up the stairs, down the stairs, crawling on his belly, seeking out his toothbrush, checking the milk container, peeking under the couch, and looking through a basket of blankets. When he finds the clue: "Sometimes when you close your eyes for the night you count sheep, To find your treasure chest go to where you sleep," Ty knows exactly where to find his treasure!


New favorite book -d.metzger
This is my son's favorite book! Not only did we read it together, we were able to do a scavenger hunt along with the book. It was perfect for my 5 year old and inspired us to do scavenger hunts on our own. He was even able to create one on his own. I highly recommend this book, it's a cute story and leads to even more fun