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Allie Gator CHOMP

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AGES: 3+   PLAYERS: 2-4            

The card game of color and number matches

Allie Gator is hungry from playing in the swamp all day and she's ready for a snack. Help Allie CHOMP some ooey-gooey worm pie by matching your illustration and numeral cards to the correct color and number sight word cards. But, BEWARE, all players are trying to claim CHOMPS for themselves! The key to this game is collecting the most Chomps

More About the Game
Allie Gator Chomp teaches kids early reading skills with color and number sight words. As kids match their illustration and numeral cards to the corresponding color and number cards, they're also exercising fine motor skills, cognitive attention/focus/concentration/planning skills, visual memory skills, and executive function (short-term memory) skills.

Includes: 60 cards & instructions


     early childhood development with Allie Gator Chomp

    1. color identification

    2. numeral recognition

    3. sight word recognition

    4. matching 

    5. cognitive skills (attention, focus, concentration, planning)

    6. fine motor skills (holding the cards, selecting a card)

    7. visual memory (remembering what was seen)

    8. executive function (short-term memory)