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Allie Gator CHOMP

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(multi-level game play)
AGES: 3+  see skills chart below
INCLUDES: 60 cards & instructions

Allie Gator is hungry from playing in the swamp all day and she's ready for a snack. Help Allie CHOMP some ooey-gooey worm pie by matching your illustration and numeral cards to the correct color and number sight word cards. But, BEWARE! All players are trying to CHOMP and claim pies for themselves. In this game of color and number sight word matches, the player to collect the MOST pies is the winner.

    Multi-level play: In addition to playing the Allie Gator CHOMP game, these cards were also designed for flashcard use.

    Ages 18m+: Use the (pink) illustrated cards to teach color and numeral recognition. There are 2 (pink) illustrated cards for each (purple) color and number word card. 

    Ages 3+: Without using the (pink) illustrated cards, use the (purple) color and number word cards to reinforce visual sight word recognition.

      A dry erase marker easily writes and wipes from the game cards for tracing, writing, or foreign language practice.

       Home Learning Company products are perfect for introducing new concepts, reinforcing existing skills, sleepovers at grandmas, family game night, or on-the-go (screen-free) fun!

     early childhood development with Allie Gator Chomp

    1. color identification

    2. numeral recognition

    3. sight word recognition

    4. matching 

    5. cognitive skills (attention, focus, concentration, planning)

    6. fine motor skills (holding the cards)

    7. visual perceptual skills (visual memory)

    8. executive function (working memory)