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Bunny Eats

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AGES: 2+   PLAYERS: 2-4 

**NO Reading Required**  

    using Bunny Eats within a preschool classroom 1

   using Bunny Eats within a preschool classroom 2

In this quick-and-easy game of colors and matching, help Benji Bunny collect food items for lunch by matching your 5 brightly-colored, healthy food items to the colors of his baskets. The first player to match all of his food items to Benji's baskets is the winner!

NOTE: This fast-paced game uses only 5 food items per player/per round allowing for multiple rounds of early learning, family fun in one sitting. *This is a quick and easy game to use at restaurants, appointments, or anywhere your toddler needs a diversion. 

Includes: 37 cards & instructions


 early childhood development with Bunny Eats

1. color identification

2. color matching

3. color sorting

4. food categories

5. healthy snacking options

6. cognitive skills (attention, focus, concentration)

7. fine motor skills (holding cards)

8. visual perceptual skills (looking down to see which card to play next, scanning cards to determine which to play next, distinguishing the difference between cards)

9. problem solving skills

10. categorizing skills

11. executive function (short-term memory)