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Fireside Snack 1-2-3

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AGES: 3+   PLAYERS: 2-4

Building a fireside snack is as easy as 1-2-3 in this fast-paced family card game

Grab the graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows - It’s time to make some deliciously chocolatey, and gooey snacks around the campfire*! 1. Start with a BASE CAMP card, 2. and toppings, and 3. top with a graham cracker, BUT BEWARE! Reggie Raccoon likes fireside snacks, too, and he’s feeling a bit hungry. Be the first camper to build a complete snack before Reggie pops up and swipes some for himself!

*campfire is optional, 8 seconds in the microwave melts a marshmallow perfectly!

More About the Game
Fireside Snack is a fun way to practice emotional regulation (self-control) and patience with kids. While Reggie Raccoon is a beloved character, he is also a little pesky when he swipes a player's topping away. You never know when Reggie will appear or how he will change the game, but it's all in the name of family fun!

Includes: 37 cards

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