Play 2 Learn Money

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Play 2 Learn Money activity pack
AGES: 5+

INCLUDES 9 activities: 

- 3 original HLC Games
     Clash of the Coins
     Mad Money Tally Sticks (12 different money sticks)
     Fill the Bank
- Sticks Up activity (16 money sticks)
- Grandma's Candy Counter activity
- 2 reusable activity sheets
     Lemon Half Match 
     Trace, write, & sort mats
- 1 coin coloring sheet
- 1 homemade playdough activity: Top-o-the Cookie to You
- assorted plastic coins
- 1 dry erase marker
- Parent Guide

Teach your child coin identification, monetary value, and purchasing power through the 9 original activities in this Play 2 Learn Money activity pack. Kids and parents alike will  enjoy clashing over coin values, racing to fill their piggy bank, "buying" candy from Grandma's Candy Counter, and "buying" toppings for their playdough cookie. The activities included in this activity pack are neatly contained in a denim folder for easy storage, accessibility, or on-the-go fun.