About Us

Home Learning Company was born in the kitchen of a small, rural town in Northeast Ohio. I was a stay-at-home mom looking for unique and fun ways to teach my toddler son his early learning basics. Rooted in the belief learning CAN and SHOULD be fun, I started creating educational games for “mom school” (as my son coined it) that would highlight the fun in learning! 

From basic counting; simple math; color recognition; and matching to pattern identification; shape recognition; sight word awareness; and days of the week identification, Home Learning Company has a unique product for you! Many of the games I created have multiple levels of play making them ideal for families with varying age and skill ranges. 

Whether you are playing with our products for family game night, using them for enrichment/homeschool curriculum, or taking them with you for on-the-go fun, our hope is every person Home Learning Company touches will have fun while learning!