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Big Top Play Time

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AGES: 3+    PLAYERS: 2-4

You're in for BIG TIME family fun with this no reading required, circus-themed card game

Identify the pattern and missing illustration on the TICKET card then take turns fishing around the BIG TOP draw pile to find the card that completes the pattern. The first player to complete 3 pattern cards and claim 3 tickets is the big time WINNER!

More About the Game
Big Top Play Time presents the mathematical foundation of patterning through a fun-filled trip to the circus. As kids look to identify the pattern then search for the correct card, they are also honing matching skills, fine motor skills, cognitive attention/focus/concentration/planning skills, visual memory skills, visual discrimination, and executive function (short-term memory) skills.

Includes: 56 cards & instructions (20 AB pattern tickets and 36 circus illustrations


 early childhood development with Big Top Playtime

1. pattern identification

2. matching

3. cognitive skills (attention, focus, concentration, memory, problem solving)

4. executive function (short-term memory)

5. visual discrimination (recognizing details)

6. visual memory (remembering what was seen)