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Grab the Match

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(multi-level game play) 
AGES: 3+ for game (ages: 18m+ for skills practice)  see skills chart below
INCLUDES: 44 cards & instructions

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A classic game of memory and matching with a twist! Flip over the brightly colored cards to reveal shapes, colors, and corresponding sight words. Challenge everyone in the family to collect the most matches and be named the ultimate Grab the Match CHAMPION!

Multi-level play: 

  1. Ages 18m+: Practice colors and shapes by using Grab the Match cards as flashcards. 
  2. Ages 3+ (shape to shape): Match the 10 different shape cards to each other. Not all 10 cards need to be in-play at this beginning level.
  3. Ages 5+ (shape to color sight word): Match the 10 different shape cards to their corresponding color sight word cards.
  4. Ages 6+ (shape to shape word): Match the 10 different shape cards to their corresponding shape word cards.
  5. Ages 6+: Mix and Match creating your own game with any card combination!


     With 10 sets of colors and shapes comprising this game, use as many or as few pairs to customize to the skill level of your children. Perfect for families with varying age ranges!

     Dry erase marker writes and wipes easily from these cards for additional learning fun.

       Home Learning Company products are perfect for introducing new concepts, reinforcing existing skills, sleepovers at grandmas, family game night, or on-the-go (screen-free) fun!

     early childhood development with Grab the Match

    1. color identification

    2. shape recognition

    3. sight word recognition

    4. matching

    5. cognitive skills (memory, attention, focus, concentration)

    6. visual perceptual skills (visual memory, visual discrimination)

    7. executive function (working memory)