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Grab the Match

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AGES: 3+    PLAYERS: 1+

A classic game of memory and matching with a multi-leveled twist   

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With 3 different levels of play and 10 different shapes and colors, this memory matching card game allows players to choose if today's game play is matching shape to shape, shape to color word, or shape to shape word. Challenge everyone in the family to flip, match, and collect the most matches thus earning the title of Grab the Match CHAMPION!  

More About the Game
Grab the Match is a memory matching game that goes beyond working visual memory, executive function (short-term memory), color identification, and shape recognition. As kids flip cards and collect matches, they are also exercising fine motor skills, cognitive attention/focus/concentration/planning skills, and the early reading skills of sight word recognition.

Includes: 44 cards & instructions



       early childhood development with Grab the Match

      1. color identification

      2. shape recognition

      3. sight word recognition

      4. matching

      5. cognitive skills (memory, attention, focus, concentration)

      6. visual memory (remembering what was seen)

      7. visual discrimination (recognizing details)

      8. executive function (short-term memory)