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3-in-1 Learning Magnets

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AGES: 18m-5y    

Colors, shapes, and days of the week in 1 product, oh yes

    VIDEO: color identification with Learning Magnets

    VIDEO: shapes & counting practice with Learning Magnets

We have a fun and easy way to answer the question, mommy, what day is it: 3-in-1 Learning Magnets. With these 10-brightly colored, multi-functional, and easy-to-grip pieces, you can teach kids colors, shapes, and days of the week with 1 product. Use on a refrigerator, cookie sheet, pizza pan, whiteboard, or anything magnetized. 

**meets or exceeds U.S. CPSC safety requirements**

More About the Product
3-in-1 Learning Magnets can be used for practicing fine motor skills: tracing the shapes, coloring the shapes with the matching crayon, and cutting-out the shapes. Don't forget to have the kids count the sides that comprise each shape.

Includes: 10 magnets

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     As seen on San Diego CBS News 8 TV

    VIDEO: toddler boy learning colors    

    VIDEO: toddler girl practicing colors and shapes



 early childhood development with 3-in-1 Learning Magnets

1. color identification

2. shape recognition

3. days of the week

4. counting

5. letter recognition

6. matching

5. fine motor skills (tracing, coloring, cutting)

6. cognitive skills (attention, focus, concentration, memory)