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Mama Mia Meatball Count

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AGES: 3+    PLAYERS 2-4

The game serving up an over-sized portion of family fun in 2 different ways

1. In this deliciously fast-paced card game, players take turns matching the number of meatballs, plate color, OR plate shape. Watch out for the fork, diner’s choice, and pass-a-meatball action cards, though, as they will change your game in the blink of an eye. This game is fun for all ages and will have you shouting “Mama Mia!"
2. Meatball WAR! A delicious and modern meaty twist on a classic. (Be sure to remove the action cards.)

More About the Game
Mama Mia Meatball Count teaches kids colors, shapes, counting, and matching. While kids are matching their meatballs and plates,they are also exercising fine motor skills, cognitive attention/focus/concentration/planning skills, visual memory skills, visual discrimination skills, and executive function (short-term memory) skills. It's "ok" to play with food in our Mama Mia Meatball game! Use meatballs to introduce the mathematical concepts of odd/even numbers, greater than/less than comparisons, and simple addition/subtraction facts. 

Includes: 78 cards & instructions

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 early childhood development with Mama Mia Meatball Count

1. color identification

2. shape recognition

3. counting awareness

4. matching

5. addition & subtraction

6. odd & even number differentiation

7. greater than/less than comparison

8. fine motor skills (holding cards, placing objects onto cards)

9. cognitive skills (attention, focus, concentration)

10. visual memory (remembering what was seen)

11. visual discrimination (recognizing details)

12. executive function (short-term memory)