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Mama Mia Meatball Count

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(multi-level game play)
AGES: 3+ for game (ages: 18m+ for skills practice)   see skills chart below
INCLUDES: 78 cards & instructions

In this deliciously fast-paced card game, players take turns matching the number of meatballs, plate color, OR plate shape. Watch out for the fork, diner’s choice, and pass-a-meatball cards, though, as they will change your game in the blink of an eye. This game is fun for all ages and will have you shouting “Mama Mia!"

Multi-level play:
 In addition to playing the Mama Mia Meatball Count game, these over-sized, brightly colored cards are perfect for practicing additional early childhood concepts:

  1. Ages 18m+: Practice fine motor skills and counting by placing small objects (cereal, candy, small blocks, crafting pom poms) onto the meatballs.
  2. Ages 5+: Make learning simple addition and subtraction fun by using the plates of meatballs ("what is 2 meatballs plus 3 meatballs?")
  3. Ages 6+: Introduce skip counting, even/odd numbers, and greater than/less than with meatballs!

 the number of meatballs on each plate are "hidden" in the top left and bottom right corners for quick parental reference.

 Home Learning Company products are perfect for introducing new concepts, reinforcing existing skills, sleepovers at grandmas, family game night, or on-the-go (screen-free) fun!

 early childhood development with Mama Mia Meatball Count

1. color identification

2. shape recognition

3. counting awareness

4. matching

5. addition & subtraction

6. odd & even number differentiation

7. greater than/less than comparison

8. fine motor skills (holding cards, placing objects onto cards)

9. cognitive skills (attention, focus, concentration)

10. visual perceptual skills (visual memory, visual discrimination)

11. executive function (working memory)